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This is our 'evergreen, Fine Art piece, LIFE. And as we all know, life has its moments, we experience so many kinds of emotions and feelings and some are more positive than others. Within the word LIFE, you will see a range of those feelings and emotions have been written in to each letter, both good and some not so.

So many purchasers of this piece relate strongly to the presentation of the piece. It doesn't stop there, however, when you look to the right at the tree, you'll see that the colours have been accentuated to reflect the seasons. And so it is with life it, has its seasons. The message then is simply this. Whatever is happening in your life right now, it is a season and it will pass.

LIFE is available in the two standard sizes of A3 = 29.7 cms X 42 cms and in A4 = 21 cms X 29.7 cms.


After numerous requests, this LIFE piece is also available on canvas. The new format sizes for the canvas-mounted version are 594mm X 841mm

Or841 mm X 1189 mm. These pieces are available to order only and importantly can also include words of your choice in a hand-finished format.

Keep Your Prints At Their Best:

Apart from the canvas piece, this print looks at its best in a timber frame, in your choice of colours, and with or without a mat surround. You can purchase standard frames from numerous locations, if the print is an A4 size then your frame needs to be A3 dimensions, this gives a nice wide border. Similarly, if you have purchased an A3-sized print, it will sit nicely inside an A2-sized frame.I would always recommend a solid timber frame with glass preferably non-reflective. Many frames today are made from MDF which is timber based but unfortunately, it has a tendency to absorb moisture. this moisture can leach through and onto your print over time.


Larger sizes are available, please contact me, at:, for more information.

Please leave a message if you need any further information.


  • All prints that we offer here fall into the category of 'Fine Art Prints'. For those who may be unaware, this means that we use only high-quality inks (not Laser) and lay our prints down on archival/photographic papers. Some items are available on canvas and that information will be in the individual descriptions of our work. Being Fine Art means that your print is fade resistant and can last for up to 100 years. It is the kind of gift that can be handed down, an heirloom.

    You will also notice that each fine art print has a certificate of authenticity and these are personally hand-signed.

    I also create Limited Edition Prints for the larger pieces. These tend to increase in value.

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