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Where to start, these words will still be echoing down the Centuries and many of us were privileged to hear them when they were first sung by John Lennon not that many years ago. In the original of this Fine Art piece, the sax was constructed in watercolor of white against a 'grunge' blue background. The words were added in different colours to represent what they may mean to different people. A perfect gift for thos who know this song so well.


  • All prints that we offer here fall into the category of 'Fine Art Prints' also known as 'Giclee'. For those who may be unaware, this means that we use only high-quality inks (not Laser) and lay our prints down on archival/photographic papers. Some items are available on canvas and that information will be in the individual descriptions of our work. Being Fine Art means that your print is fade resistant and can last for up to 100 years. It is the kind of gift that can be handed down, an heirloom.

    You will also notice that each fine art print has a certificate of authenticity and these are personally hand-signed.

    I also create Limited Edition Prints for the larger pieces. These tend to increase in value.

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