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Those that have visited the Cotton Tree Market or perhaps Maryborough, may have noticed the demonstrations of tiny writing that I sometimes do. I practice constantly and amongst my favourite verses is actually the Lord's Prayer. I decided to put a short video together that shows how it's done, in this case I wrote the Lord's Prayer within the shape and size of an Australian 5 cent piece, that's around 20 mm in diameter. Its similar in size to a US penny.

I do this freehand so there are no guide lines to follow as I write. I have another Biblical verse that I sometimes write, it's Psalm 23, that's the one that starts,

'the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...'. I will put a video of that on here shortly. If you have a suggestion for a verse or favourite words of wisdom, it doesn't have to be Biblical, I will add it to the list and see what's possible. As a guide, Psalm 23 is 118 words and that can fit into a 20 mm diameter circle as above. I hope you enjoy the video! And if you're ever on the Sunshine or Fraser Coasts, call in to the market and say Hello! Maryborough is on Thursday's and Cotton Tree is on Sunday.

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